Wow! Sales of Homes in Bridgeland almost Quadrupled from Last Year

If you are thinking about moving to Bridgeland, you aren’t the only one.  Sales of homes in Bridgeland nearly quadrupled from this same month last year. Bridgeland in Cypress, Texas is booming!  Bridgeland was voted the #1 Master Planned Community by the National Association of Home Builders.  Come see why!   Please note that the… Read More

Holy Moly! Bridgeland is Selling Homes Like Crazy

Moving to Houston?  What a month of home sales in Bridgeland!  Bridgeland sold more homes this past month than any other previous month.  The word is out!  Bridgeland is the place to live in Cypress, Texas.  Contact Giraffe Realty to find out why Bridgeland is #1!     (The data was compiled using the Houston… Read More

Giraffe Realty Sells Homes in Bridgeland

Bridgeland is a master planned community located just outside of Houston, Texas.  Bridgeland is located in Cypress, Texas.  Bridgeland is 20 miles outside of Houston, Texas off of Highway 290 and North of Fry Road. Bridgeland is in its early stages of development.  With over 11,000 acres slated for development, only 10% of Bridgeland has… Read More