Rice Military in Houston, Texas: Ideal Inner Loop Community

Location, Location, Location!

Homes for sale inside Rice Military are highly sought after.   Rice Military, located inside the prestigious Houston Inner Loop of 610, is ideal for the young (at heart) and upwardly mobile crowd who like to be where the action is.   The boundaries of the Rice Military neighborhood are Washington Avenue on the north, Memorial Drive on the South, Shepherd Drive on the east, and Westcott Street on the west.



Typical Style Home in Rice Military



Rice Military is fairly equally split between the number of men and women who live there, and equally split between the number of single and married couples.  The median age of the residents is 32.  Rice Military is considered an upper middle class neighborhood, where the average income of a resident is $70K.  About 10% of the residents are renters.


Rice Military residents are zoned to the Houston Independent School District.  Elementary students who live in Rice Military will attend the “Recognized” Memorial Elementary School.   Middle School students who live in Rice Military will attend the “Academically Acceptable” Hogg Middle School.  High School students will attend the “Recognized” Lamar High School.  (For more information on how schools determine its TEA status, check out another blog post)  Of course, there are also private school options available as well.

Pros and Cons of Living in Rice Military

PROS:  Rice Military in Houston, Texas offers affordable living for young professionals who want to be close to the action.  Minutes from Downtown Houston, The Galleria, the Theater District, Memorial Park, countless top rated restaurants and bars, residents of Rice Military love the lifestyle that it affords.  To be this close to this much and not have to pay over $500K for your home is what draws the young and ambitious to Rice Military.  Finally, Rice Military is an area of transition. Many residents who bought early on are seeing tremendous equity in their property today.  In my opinion, it still remains a sound investment for home buyers who are looking to live there for a few years, and later sell for a substantial profit.

CONS:  Rice Miltary is not the best place to raise a family.  Rice Military is densely built, and Houston ISD is not the best school system in or around Houston.  Residents may complain of noise, cramped streets, and late night “shenanigans” created by the aftermath of neighboring bars releasing their intoxicated and wandering inhabitants into the neighborhood (or this may be your cup of tea).  For some, a drawback may be the size of the home/lot is about half the size of what you could get out in the suburbs, minus the attractions, though. Most homes in Rice Military do not have yards, either, and this could be a drawback for some as well. 

Depending on your lifestyle, age, and preferences, Rice Military may be the perfect place for you to call home.  Please give me a call if you are interested in shopping around for a home in Rice Military.  I would love to show you around.