Katy Home Listing Photo of the Day: Choosing Sides

7606 San Clemente Point Ct. [HAR]

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Comment of the Day: How About Trial Forgetting Period First?

“It is really not in play in the ‘tear it down’ vs. ‘leave it there’ debate, but it has always been my considered opinion that that nothing should be named for anyone until 10 years after their death. So many things are named for recently deceased, relatively unimportant politicians these days. Few remember who they […]… Read More

Ruggles Green Ditching Its Ruggles To Go Big

The new name for the area restaurants formerly known as Ruggles Green is part of a strategy for the Houston-based chain to disassociate itself with local chef Bruce Molzan, its CEO admits. “Yes, we want to distance ourselves from him,” Jason Morgan tells Chronicle reporter Andrea Rumbaugh. Morgan’s investment firm, Hargett Hunter Capital Partners, purchased Ruggles Green […]… Read More

The Fresh Booty Now Available from Midtown’s Decommissioned Bootylicious Mansion

Interested in a bit of booty plundered from the the birthplace of Bootylicious? The former Rice Mansion at 1505 Hadley St. in Midtown most recently served as the headquarters of Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment and moonlighted as a wedding and event venue. According to Architectural Digest, Destiny’s Child recorded Bootylicious, as well as several other […]… Read More

Pet Supermarket in Rosenberg; What’s Happening to Bus Ridership; Uptown’s Holiday Light Show Put on Pause

Houston New Home Starts Outpace Sales for First Time Since Oil Slump [HBJ ($)] Dallas Company Completes Purchase of 6-Building Foreclosed Office Complex Greenspoint Place, Where ExxonMobil Had Offices [Houston Chronicle] Clay Development & Construction Breaks Ground on Cutten Distribution Center I in Northwest Houston [Realty News Report] ClearWorth Capital Acquires 2 Clear Lake-Area Apartment Complexes […]… Read More

Daily Demolition Report: Razing Recess

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Sugar Land Home Listing Photo of the Day: Projection

18 Waterford Pointe Cir. [HAR]

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Comment of the Day: Statues of Limitations

“There’s a theory that says the important thing the person is known/celebrated for should determine whether a statue stays or goes (i.e., “describe this person in 50 words or less”). George Washington is not known for fighting a war with his own country-people to own slaves, but as a founding member of our country. Though […]… Read More

Calhoun Banished from UH’s Calhoun Lofts

A statement out this afternoon from UH: “The University of Houston does not have statues, memorials or monuments honoring the Confederate era. Calhoun Lofts were originally named to coincide with the name of the adjacent city street when the university began its aggressive residential expansion in the last decade. While the residence hall was not […]… Read More

A Southampton Blowup Over the Statue of Dick Dowling in Hermann Park

For the second time in 5 years, FBI and ATF officials on Sunday raided the house at 2025 Albans St. in search of explosives. Both ventures resulted in the arrest of one of its residents, now-25-year-old Andrew Cecil Earhart Schneck. Schneck, who was released from probation last year, had pled guilty in federal court 2 […]… Read More